A Graduate Internship Grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry

28 Sept 2021 Cambridge

We’re very excited to have received a graduate internship grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry on 28th Sept.

Cambond has invented a formaldehyde-free bioadhesive. As it’s made from plant-based resource and food waste, about 40-60% of CO2 can be reduced comparing to the traditional oil-based resin. The bioadhesive consists of Algae and bioethanol by-products as its main ingredients. The benefits taking from this new product are as below:

  • Abundant organic resource such as Algae biomass: Algae can be planted by human with fast growing speed, which can re-split after 9 to 12 hours. And it can produce three times quantity biomass and be harvested within 24 hours. Due to its nature, human can plant it in all over the year – 365 days without competing with agricultural land. It also can be a pollution problem in many lakes, ocean and rivers. 
  • Abundant Food & Drink waste: Whisky distiller’s waste contains protein and has been used as animal feed with low value. 
  • Sustainability with low carbon emission: Biomass is sustainable with higher output, which made from agricultural residuals of maize, wheat, soya, rapeseed, oil palm, and sugar beet etc. Biomass has unbelievable zero waste and all the root and stems can be used to make non-wood fibre based boards. There is also zero competition with agricultural crop-growing land. 
  • Zero harmful to human body. As all the ingredients are from natural sources which provide 100% confidence on non-toxicity and this had already been tested and proven
  • Reduce and replace the use of plastics with byproducts from agricultural and food supply chain to turn waste into valuable products. 

This grant means we will be able to enforce our effort to develop our biodegradable material for packaging and textile applications to reduce the impact of Polymer in Liquid Formulations (PLFs) for our environment.

The Job advertisement will be listed in Chemistry World Jobs for Cambond to search a talent to join the team in NIAB Eastern AgriTech Innovation Hub to commit ourself for net-zero emission by 2030 for our low carbon business.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please contact Dr Xiaobin Zhao for further information.

Contact: Dr Xiaobin Zhao, CChem FRSC FIMMM @ xzhao@cambond.co.uk

CAMBOND’s European Patent is Allowed

23 Sept 2021 Cambridge

Cambond is pleased to announce that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the EU Patent Office for one of its core technology patents – Biocomposites and Methods of Use.*

A sustainable, low-carbon solution for construction materials and consumer products

Prof Xiaobin Zhao, CEO, said: “Cambond is scaling its business in the UK and establishing a manufacturing base. The Notice of Allowance is a big vote of confidence in our technology and will establish a firm commercial base for expanding into the EU and US in due course”.

Cambonds ‘green’ resin forms the base of its materials platform. Cambond resin can replace oil-based chemicals (epoxy, urea formaldehyde resins) to produce sustainable, low-carbon materials and composites. Development work has shown the resin can be combined with many other materials, including many types of biomass, plastics and other industry waste products, to make low carbon construction materials and consumer products.

“Cambond technology is a way of developing low carbon products using existing manufacturing processes and will be a simple solution for many companies seeking to fight climate change by reducing their carbon footprint” said Gareth Roberts (Business Development). Biocomposites can replace plastics and other problem materials in the campaign against Climate Change.

Cambond has already demonstrated that it can produce sustainable low-cost resin at scale and is now bringing its technology to market with a network of industry collaborations.

Cambond is working on a series of projects to showcase their biocomposite technology expertise – materials that can up-cycle waste streams, reduce carbon emissions and save manufacturers and customer’s money.

*European Patent Application No.17825910.7 – Bio-Composite Materials and Methods of Use

Finalists in the 2020 Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards revealed


The finalists in the 2020 Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards can now be revealed.

Following hundreds of entries, a shortlist across 14 categories has been drawn up.

It represents an array of great talent – emerging and established – from across the Cambridge region in fields from biotech to cleantech, AI to medtech, and features individual categories for Researcher of the Year and CEO of the Year.

This year, a Covid-19 Response Award captures some of the incredible individual, collective and company-wide responses to the pandemic.

The judging panel for the awards features independent experts across a range of fields and sectors, from business leaders to specialists.

Winners would normally be revealed at an autumn ceremony, but the pandemic means that has been delayed until the new year at a date to be confirmed.

CAMBOND is one of the finalists for Cleantech Company of the Year, sponsored by Woodfines.


Cambond was shortlisted for #21toWatch Awards

The 2021 shortlist for next month’s coveted #21toWatch Awards can now be revealed – and it includes some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovations from the East of England.

Organised by Burwell-based cofinitive, and supported by the Cambridge Independent, the annual awards attracted hundreds of entries.

Entrepreneur and cofinitive founder Faye Holland, who created the programme, said: “This year’s cohort have truly blown us away. The longlist was absolutely phenomenal – and, as a result, reducing this to a shortlist was incredibly challenging”.

“We have been delighted to see so many people, companies and ‘things’ from previous shortlists, even Top21s, back again as their work progresses, and, in some cases, pivots. This continued recognition for innovation and entrepreneurship demonstrates how brilliantly these people and businesses are adapting, evolving and thriving despite what has been a challenging year for most”.

“Our region is maintaining its global reputation for excellence in biotechnology and life sciences which is once again reflected in this year’s shortlist as expected. However, the shortlist also includes other incredibly innovative people, companies and ‘things’ in industries as diverse as artificial intelligence-enabled solutions, manufacturing, and water and energy sustainability. I really don’t envy the judges their task of assessing the 48 on the shortlist, to secure the Top21.2021!”

The #21toWatch shortlist is being judged by four leading experts across a range of disciplines. This year, the judges are Simon Thorpe, angel investor, managing partner of Delta 2020 and chair of Cambridge Angels, Yupar Myint, head of programme for Cambridge University’s Impulse Programme at The Maxwell Centre, a tried-and-tested catalyst for entrepreneurship, Thea Goodluck, entrepreneur engagement manager for East of England at Tech Nation, and Jason Mellad, CEO and co-founder of Cambridge healthcare accelerator Start Codon. All four will independently assess the candidates based on five criteria: innovation, challenge, influence, viability and memorability.

RSM, Tech Nation and Invested Investor have also joined as regular sponsors and partners of the #21toWatch campaign.

Now in its third year, the awards will be held as a bespoke virtual event on Thursday March 4, 2021, at 11am. Anyone in the entrepreneurial ecosystem – from entrepreneurs through to supporters of those shortlisted – can register for the event at https://cofinitive21towatch.eventbrite.co.uk.

Dr Xiaobin Zhao, CEO of Cambond, said:” We are extremely delighted and proud to be listed as a #21toWatch Shortlist.2021 in the category-Things. Cambond has a technology platform to develop plant based bioadhesive for our global green and low carbon business to tackle climate change and other environmental challenges we are facing such as plastic and food waste. We endeavour to do good “things” to have impact for our environment and society”.

Please refer to: https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/business/the-21towatch-shortlist-for-2021-is-revealed-9155193/

CAMBOND – Winner in IfM Sustainable Packaging Challenge

An innovative new technology to make bioplastics and other sustainable plant-based materials and a method to industrialise photosynthesis to expand the world’s food supply were the winning ideas at the Open Innovation (OI) Forum’s annual Food, Drink and FMCG pitching competition.

The competition took place online for the first time on 24 November, with a record 23 entrepreneurs from around the world pitching in two categories to an audience of influential decision makers from major companies across the food, drink and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

New for this year was the Sustainable Packaging Challenge, followed by the more varied Innovation Needs category, which focused on important priorities as identified by OI Forum members.

The shift to a virtual event meant there were innovations in the format as well, as the Forum organised ‘speed dates’ between pitchers and Forum members, as well as a follow-up session the next day where invited pitchers participated in ‘hackathons’ with Forum members to plot out routes to scale and leverage their solutions.

‘The engagement with leading players in the value chain is exactly what we need at this stage in our development,’ enthused a founder of a packaging start-up who participated.

Members of the audience were also impressed by the pitches. ‘The selected start-ups were of high quality and we will follow-up with some of them directly,’ said the group head of sustainability of an ingredients company.

Sustainable Packaging Challenge


The winner of the Sustainable Packaging round was Cambond, a biomaterials company that has patented plant-based resin technology for making biocomposites from resin, biomass, plastics and minerals.

The technology can be used with post-consumer wastes obtained directly from stores, offering a better option than bioplastics that rely on expensive food-grade inputs.

Cambond now want to work with partners to develop a circular bio-economy and drive the ‘upcycling’ of low- and no value waste into valuable bioplastic logistics products. Use of wastes within the logistics system would have a beneficial effect of producing cheaper logistics supplies, reducing the carbon footprint of supply chains and turning post-consumer plastic wastes into part of the solution for climate change.




Cambond are pleased to announce they have been shortlisted for the Innovation of the Year 2020 Award by BusinessGreen Leaders at a virtual celebration on 14 October.

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards are the UK’s premier celebration of the UK’s world-leading green economy. When the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards launched in 2011 fossil fuels were the UK’s dominant source of energy and environmental issues were a niche concern for most politicians, businesses, and voters. 

Now, thanks to the efforts of companies the awards have recognised over the years, low carbon technologies dominate the UK grid, environmentalism has captured the zeitgeist, and the UK has become the first major economy to set itself on a course to achieving net zero emissions. 

These awards, the UK’s most prestigious green business awards, will provide a platform for the country’s most innovative, important, and inspirational organisations to mark the start of this most critical decade by showcasing their era-defining work.

Cambond’s Co-Founder/CEO, Prof. Xiaobin Zhao said ‘We are thrilled at the recognition for our ground breaking technology by being selected as a finalist for Innovation of the Year 2020 for our plant based low carbon resin technology. This continues a great year for us as we have secured government funding (Innovate UK) to develop our Anthropocene mining projects to ‘up-cycle’ consumer and industry plastics and paper wastes and turn them into valuable biocomposite products’.

Cambond has recently set up a development facility in the NIAB Innovation Hub in Soham (Cambridge) to drive commercialisation of its technology and work with a number of industry and academic partners.

Notes For Editors


* Anthropocene Mining – The sustainable valorisation of past, present and future waste streams as materials for manufacture and industry using innovative technologies and circular economy principles.  – Dr G W Roberts – Cambond Ltd


Prof. Xiaobin Zhao – Cambond Ltd, xzhao@cambond.co.uk  44 7507949517

 Dr. Gareth Roberts – Cambond Ltd, groberts@cambond.co.uk  44 7779257636


Cambridge UK: Cambond Ltd and Evolve Packaging are launching a project funded by Innovate UK to help solve the world’s biggest environmental and climate change problems.

The mission is to find partners with existing re-cycling, manufacturing and retail facilities that can be linked together to form a circular economy that can deal with plastics pollution in an effective, sustainable and profitable way.

We live in the ‘anthropocene age’1  – a time where human technology and exploitation of resources have change the surface and environment of our planet. 

The consumption of fossil fuels has driven climate change altering our environment. Drilling spills, mining spoil, power generation ash, paper and plastics manufacturing have produced contaminated land and pollution of the oceans by plastics.

No country has a re-cycling system efficient enough to avoid the accumulation of wastes.

Plastics, once symbolic of modern life, are now regarded as a curse of the Anthropocene age. Re-cycling rates are low (<30%) and the bulk of this ‘modern miracle’ material (>60%) is burnt or sent to landfill, generating millions of tonnes of CO2, hazardous microplastics and global environmental pollution. 

We are looking to tackle this problem by applying innovation. By linking existing expertise in retail, re-cycling and manufacturing we could take plastics destined for burning or landfill RDF (refuse derived fuels) and turn them into valuable products for consumers. 

Our project is looking for partners to develop Anthropocene mining.

  • Anthropocene wastes are a valuable resource
  • Anthropocene wastes can be used for making products – they can be mined
  • Anthropocene materials can replace virgin materials in products
  • Anthropocene mined products can be re-cycled to create a circular economy

Turning Anthropocene wastes into products provides a potent reason to invest in and scale existing businesses to manufacturing low carbon, re-cycled plastic products and build a sustainable circular economy for a new world.

Notes For Editors


* Anthropocene Mining – The sustainable valorisation of past, present and future waste streams as materials for manufacture and industry using innovative technologies and circular economy principles.  – Dr G W Roberts – Cambond Ltd

Cambond Ltd and Evolve Packaging were awarded a grant from Innovate UK (Project 53212). 

Competition: ISCF smart sustainable plastic packaging: feasibility studies and industrial research


Rob Poole Evolve Packaging  rob.poole@evolvepackaging.co.uk  44 7710927118

Dr. Gareth Roberts – Cambond Ltd, groberts@cambond.co.uk  44 7779257636

Cambond leads to one of the first 10 winning projects which receive a share of £5m from the Fast Start Projects competition

27-07-2020 Cambridge

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has announced the first projects to receive funding as part of its £149m Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) Challenge. This challenge seeks to revolutionise the UK’s foundation industries (glass, metals, cement, ceramics, bulk chemicals, and paper).

The first 10 winners will receive a share of £5m from the Fast Start Projects competition. The winners have created innovative research projects involving various stages of the supply chain, including: feedstock inputs, production and material product development. Each project involves companies from at least two of the foundation industries, illustrating the cross-industry problem solving taking place in the UK today.

Cambond Ltd joined with Bangor University and Sappi Biotech UK Ltd to lead a project “Paper, Ash and Resin: Valorisation of Foundation Industry Waste Streams” .

Industry has worked hard to deal with the waste streams or manufacturing paper, ceramics and metals, but a substantial portion of this material still goes to landfill. Better use of these wastes could replace the use of scarce or expensive virgin resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

The project brings together innovative UK technology and expertise to focus them in a robust plan to drive the commercial development of a new low carbon materials technology.

CAMBOND was shortlisted in the Food & Drink category of Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies Competition Final 2019

The Emerging Technologies Competition is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual initiative for early stage companies and academic entrepreneurs who want to commercialise their technologies to make a global impact. 

Now in its seventh year, the competition brings cutting edge science to the real world for the benefit of society. The competition is backed by multinational companies and one of the Top 10 Business Schools in the world; Cambridge Judge Business School. The competition is free to apply, with applications opening from 7th May until 15th July, and welcomes applicants from UK and Europe whose tech have a strong component of chemistry and falls in one of the following categories:

• Health
• Energy & environment
• Food & drink
• Enabling technologies

Cambond has been shortlisted in the Food & Drink category for its application Planet Friendly Packaging and invited to pitch its technology at this year’s Emerging Technologies Competition final in London.

Cambond’s US patent application for it’s bio-adhesive invention has been allowed

Cambond has been issued a Notice of Allowance to grant it’s patent application of bio-based adhesive in USA by US Patent Office.

” This is after three patents granted in China in the past, and we are very delighted to have our technology protected in USA, where potential significant market we are to develop”. Commented by Dr Xiaobin Zhao, CChem FRSC , FIMMM, the Inventor and Co-Founder for the company.