Glue (adhesives) is a core industrial commodity used extensively in the construction, packaging, automotive and aerospace industries. Adhesives have a global market > £34Bn (for 2013) and over 13 million tonnes of adhesives are manufactured.

Existing (phenol-formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde based) adhesive chemistry is derived from oil and there are concerns about sustainability. Whilst there is a desire in the industry to be ’greener’, current substitutes of formaldehyde based adhesives have either technical or cost issues.

Cambond’s proprietary technology makes low carbon, sustainable adhesives from biomass (algae and by products of bioethanol fermentation and others) feedstocks and provides a way to manufacture formaldehyde-free ‘green’ adhesives in a cost effective manner.

Wood Panel Industry

Wood panels, a vital component in the construction industry and in furniture manufacture, are produced from virgin and reclaimed wood in the world. Wood panels are engineered and produced using wood adhesives.The major adhesive resins used for wood-composite panels contain phenol or urea, plus formaldehyde. The finite nature of fossil fuel resources raise the challenge of finding suitable renewable substitutes that can begin to replace petrochemicals both as a source of energy and as a source of materials for plastics, rubbers, fertilizers, and fine chemicals. In addition, another significant issue and cause of public concern is the potential toxicity of current adhesives, especially formaldehyde.Therefore, there are strong market opportunities to have formaldehyde–free and cost competitive ‘greener’ glue which matches the current synthetic adhesives to be used in the following products:

  1. Recyclable wood panel products including furniture, interior decoration board, etc
  2. Exterior water resistant wood panels
  3. Wood panels used in hospital and school construction
  4. Food and medical packaging
  5. Paper packaging
  6. Other niche bio-adhesives as medical devices such as surgical glue and tissue repairing/reconstruction/cosmetic biomaterials

Cambond’s business objectives are:

  • to develop formaldehyde/pheonl free adhesives for wood panel industry
  • to develop new green, low carbon adhesive technology for other niche applications


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