Award winning science that’s tough on pollution and plastics and kind to the planet


Adhesives are used in millions of applications from the construction industry to plastics, packaging, the automotive sector and aerospace.

Over 13 million tonnes of adhesives are manufactured annually, with a global market of more than £34 billion.

Whilst there’s a desire in the industry to be greener, current substitutes for oil and formaldehyde based adhesives have struggled with technical and cost issues. Cambond’s innovative technology provides a way to manufacture formaldehyde-free green adhesives in a mass produced, global, and cost effective manner.

Wood Panel Industry

Wood panels are a vital component in construction and furniture manufacture.

They’re a huge industry, valued at $400 billion a year.

Panels are currently produced from virgin and reclaimed wood, using adhesives which are largely derived from oil.

They also use formaldehyde, a toxic chemical which is the subject of increasing regulation.

With humanity seeking alternatives to fossil fuels, and greener ways to live, the woodpanel industry is actively looking for an alternative.

Lifecycle assessment studies suggest wood panels manufactured with Cambond resin enjoy reductions of more than 40% in their carbon footprint.

That leaves Cambond perfectly placed to seize the mass market opportunity of a more sustainable and healthier future.

It’s also worth noting Cambond’s advantages when compared to soy based adhesives (Soyad), and other non-formaldehyde adhesive manufacturers.

Tests show our solution is technically better, and less expensive.

Cambond has additional advantages in requiring no complex chemistry, and our process being subject to less stringent regulations.

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