The Team

Cambond Ltd is based at the Future Business Centre in Cambridge UK. Cambond carries out research and development activities and business development.

Cambond has a subsidiary based in Jintan China. Camtian is a manufacturing facility manufacturing resin and carrying out technical development and testing.


CEO Prof Xiabin Zhao is the Cambond founder and trained as a polymer chemist. He holds visiting professorships in the Universities of Strathclyde UK, Changzhou and Lanzhou in China. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a chartered chemist (CChem).He is well known as an expert in Biomaterials and in the development of medical biopolymers and medical devices. He has extensive product development experience (including regulatory and quality control functions).

Dr Gareth Roberts (Business Development and IP) taught in Imperial College Medical School before becoming a Group Director in SmithKline Beecham. He has extensive R&D management experience and the development and commercial exploitation of IP. He is steering the Business Development strategy of Cambond and evaluating areas where the technology can be exploited quickly and cost effectively.

UK-China JVC CamTian New Materials Co Ltd (英中合资常州康天新材料科技有限公司)

Cambond Chinese JVC is located at Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Changzhou Wujin Green Building Industry Cluster Demonstration Zone. The team in the JVC is closely working with Chinese wood panel industry to develop innovative green glue manufacturing process to meet the ‘go greener’ needs in China.

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