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Working together for less pollution and plastics and a happier, healthier planet

We are headquartered in Cambridge, UK, situated at the Future Business Centre. Additionally, we maintain a subsidiary in Changzhou, China. Our dedicated Chinese team collaborates closely with the local wood panel industry. Their aim is to pioneer innovative and eco-friendly glue manufacturing processes, aligned with the nation’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our global operations rest on a robust foundation of intellectual property rights (IPR). Presently, we hold three Chinese patents, one US patent, and one EU patent, with several more patents pending approval.

For our research and development efforts, we have established a pilot facility at the NIAB Eastern AgriTech Innovation Hub. This facility serves as a platform for refining resin production techniques, optimizing board preparation methods, and conducting comprehensive testing.

Our approach revolves around an “Ingredient Business Model,” enabling us to collaborate closely with our clients. This entails supplying our distinguished “CAMBOND BIORESIN” ingredient in conjunction with technology licensing. This combined offering is designed to cater to the worldwide low-carbon industry focused on sustainability.

Working together for less pollution and plastics and a happier, healthier planet
We’re based in Cambridge, UK, at the Future Business Centre, and have a subsidiary in Changzhou, China. Our Chinese team is working closely with the country’s wood panel industry to develop innovative environmentally friendly glue manufacturing processes to meet the nation’s ‘go greener’ needs.
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Professor Xiaobin Zhao

Xiaobin, our founder and CEO, possesses a robust background in both industry and science. His expertise spans biomaterials, medical biopolymers, and medical device development, making him a respected authority in these fields. With a wealth of experience in product development, he’s well-versed in regulatory compliance and quality control. Over the course of decades, he has been dedicated to the advancement of biobased industries and the creation of environmentally-friendly products.

He holds esteemed credentials, including being a UK Chartered Chemist (CChem) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC). He’s also recognized as a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIM3). With an international perspective, he has filed more than 30 patents worldwide and has effectively translated numerous ideas into tangible market products. His expertise spans across medical devices, cosmetics, agriculture, and the wood panel industry.

Xiaobin’s influence extends to academia as well. He holds visiting professorships at the Universities of Strathclyde in the UK, as well as Changzhou and Lanzhou in China.

Dom Edwards

Dom, serving as a Product Engineer, has over 7 years experience in undertaking applied strategic and policy driven agricultural and environmental research, focussed primarily on the environmental impact of inorganic and organic amendments to soil quality, carbon storage and nutrient loss pathways. Expertise in soil management, specifically soil structure and carbon capture pathways from crop residues and organic applications. Later worked on the development of novel hydroponic systems to increase land, water and nutrient use efficiency. He has managed complex, multi site national experiments, coordinating fieldwork across multiple sites. Experience within the brewing industry, commercially producing beer for a small local festival, home-brewing for 10+ years and running homebrew workshops at a microbrewery, combined with a keen interest to increase the industries sustainability and circularity.

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Joseph Bell

Joseph Bell, serving as a Data Analyst recruited the Kickstart Scheme, has been an active participant in various accelerator programs. These experiences have facilitated the acquisition of valuable insights into business and marketing. Presently, Joseph has transitioned into the role of a Marketing Associate, leveraging this amassed knowledge to contribute effectively.

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Phoenix Zhang

They currently hold the position of Director for Global Sustainability Business Development, deeply involved in shaping the Sustainability Community Program. A significant contribution has been made through the creation of a comprehensive “Sustainability Manual” for Brands, encompassing all aspects of a Sustainable Supply Chain.

In collaboration with Southampton University in the UK, they have spearheaded efforts to establish and nurture a “Sustainable Supply Chain.” This recognition led to their role as a guest Sustainability & CSR advisor for students at the Copenhagen Business School.

With over 15 years of professional experience, they have been extensively engaged in assessing supply chain risks across Social, Quality, Environmental impact, and governance domains. They hold the distinction of being one of the pioneering global Social Fingerprint Trainers. In 2012, they organized the inaugural Social Fingerprint Seminar in China, reflecting a commitment to spreading awareness.

A hallmark of their career has been the ability to drive tangible improvements. A notable achievement includes boosting a factory’s efficiency by a remarkable 30% within a month through targeted capacity-building initiatives. They also played an instrumental role in shepherding a factory’s growth – transforming it from a workforce of under 100 employees to becoming a publicly listed entity with thousands of employees.

Beyond professional endeavors, they have dedicated more than a decade to voluntary work, spanning various organizations, including the Shenzhen Volunteer Union, Red Cross (UK), Special Primary School (UK), and Nursing homes (UK). This multifaceted journey underscores a commitment to both professional excellence and contributing positively to society.

Cambond also has a trade office in London, a pilot development facility at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany’s Eastern AgriTech Innovation Hub in Soham, Ely, and a subsidiary based in Changzhou, China.

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Our Mission

What we are looking for:

We are looking for 1 million angel investment to allow us to set up a demonstration plant to make 10,000T bio-adhesive in UK , which will use around 30,000 T of brewing spent grain and create 20,000 T of bio-based construction decoration board for eco-friendly furniture which will estimate to result in a value-added business with £5,000,000 revenue for bio-resin and £20,000,000 for other associated products (packaging, building materials , module for sea cucumber protein farming etc) to achieve our main principle:  Turn Waste into Valuables.