A Graduate Internship Grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry

28 Sept 2021 Cambridge

We’re very excited to have received a graduate internship grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry on 28th Sept.

Cambond has invented a formaldehyde-free bioadhesive. As it’s made from plant-based resource and food waste, about 40-60% of CO2 can be reduced comparing to the traditional oil-based resin. The bioadhesive consists of Algae and bioethanol by-products as its main ingredients. The benefits taking from this new product are as below:

  • Abundant organic resource such as Algae biomass: Algae can be planted by human with fast growing speed, which can re-split after 9 to 12 hours. And it can produce three times quantity biomass and be harvested within 24 hours. Due to its nature, human can plant it in all over the year – 365 days without competing with agricultural land. It also can be a pollution problem in many lakes, ocean and rivers. 
  • Abundant Food & Drink waste: Whisky distiller’s waste contains protein and has been used as animal feed with low value. 
  • Sustainability with low carbon emission: Biomass is sustainable with higher output, which made from agricultural residuals of maize, wheat, soya, rapeseed, oil palm, and sugar beet etc. Biomass has unbelievable zero waste and all the root and stems can be used to make non-wood fibre based boards. There is also zero competition with agricultural crop-growing land. 
  • Zero harmful to human body. As all the ingredients are from natural sources which provide 100% confidence on non-toxicity and this had already been tested and proven
  • Reduce and replace the use of plastics with byproducts from agricultural and food supply chain to turn waste into valuable products. 

This grant means we will be able to enforce our effort to develop our biodegradable material for packaging and textile applications to reduce the impact of Polymer in Liquid Formulations (PLFs) for our environment.

The Job advertisement will be listed in Chemistry World Jobs for Cambond to search a talent to join the team in NIAB Eastern AgriTech Innovation Hub to commit ourself for net-zero emission by 2030 for our low carbon business.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please contact Dr Xiaobin Zhao for further information.

Contact: Dr Xiaobin Zhao, CChem FRSC FIMMM @ xzhao@cambond.co.uk

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