28th Nov 2022

Cambond received over 70 students across Europe from Queen Katharine Academy during their Erasmus+ programme week to learn about eco-sustainability. As the host of the event, Xiaobin welcomed the students to the site at NIAB Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub to see what Cambond provides in the sector.

Upon arrival the students were split in to two groups; one stayed at the hub for the workshop, whilst the other visited the city of Ely and its Cathedral. The groups switched activities during the visit in order for them all to get the whole experience.

Lydia Smith from NIAB began by giving the students an overview of the NIAB Innovation Hub, about what its purpose is and why companies such as Cambond are based there.

Afterwards the students watched Cambond’s overview video to introduce them to what Cambond does. Once the video ended, Joseph expanded on the knowledge they gained by giving them a more in-depth talk about Cambond, the importance of circular economy, and how Cambond incorporates circular into their business.

Proceeding to the barn, the students were shown the practical work of Cambond. They were shown the whole process from brewing beer to get the brewery spent grain by-product, which Cambond processes for their bio-resin. As the final part of the process, the students were shown how Cambond uses their resin and raw materials from paper waste to produce insulation blocks and packaging material.

The students were given the opportunity to explore Cambond’s various applications and products as well as ask the team any questions they had, to engage with Cambond and deepen their understanding.

Before leaving, the students and teachers from QKA all took group photos with each other and were given a quick tour around the NIAB site. The teachers were extremely happy with the visit and the students gave many positive comments about Cambond when reflecting on their Erasmus+ week. The group was great to host for and the Cambond team gives their best regards the students in their goals to become brilliant leaders.

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