28th Nov 2022

Cambond attended the Grantham Institute Lecture 2022 on Wednesday 23rd November at Imperial College London, a fantastic event discussing how we have dealt with climate change previously, how we should be dealing with it for the future benefit, as well as the part culture plays in the perception of the challenges climate change brings.

Brian Eno, a musician, producer, visual artist and activist, spoke about the importance of art and how it instils feeling and emotion in people, which is a driving force in how many decisions for change are made. Brian was then joined by 4 other guests to all discuss about what needs to be done and how we should be tackling climate change. The talk ended with Q&A time, answering the burning questions from the audience both in-person and online before moving onto the next part of the event – the exhibitions.

As one of the exhibitors for the event, the Cambond team engaged with the event attendees to network with them and introduce them to the work Cambond does. The stand drew a lot of attention from the attendees, including that of Brian Eno, who was very excited to see Cambond’s products and learn more about the company. The event was an amazing opportunity for the companies exhibiting, so we would like to give a huge thanks to Imperial College London for allowing Cambond to be one of the companies to have a showcase at the event’s Innovation Space.

Want to watch the event talks yourself? Click on this link to take you to the recorded livestream:

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