03 Sept 2022

Cambond is excited to be on the shortlist for one of the world’s most prestigious Agri-Tech meetings.

Tesco’s Agri T-Jam in partnership with the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, received over 140
submissions from international innovators eager to improve supply chain efficiency and
sustainability within Tesco’s agri-food operations.

Frasscoat was selected, after a thorough selection process as one of ten disruptive start-ups that
will go head-to-head for a chance to work with the UK’s leading retailer and supply chain partners.

The competition final will take place on Monday September 19, one day before the World Agri-
Tech Innovation Summit opens in London.

Commenting on the selection process, Natalie Smith, Tesco’s Head of Agriculture said: “The
calibre of entries has been fantastic, it was a challenging task for our committee to select just ten
finalists. In such a critical year to address climate change challenges, together with our partners
we’re excited to hear more from our finalists on how they can truly make a difference in the supply
chain, helping us deliver affordable, sustainable and healthy food for all our customers.”

Frasscoat is a classy circular economy solution to crop protection. Seeds are often coated to
improve planting efficiency, enhance germination and protect against pests. Frasscoat uses a
combination of Cambond bioresin (plant based from the brewing industry) with the waste from
black soldier flies – produced by Agrigrub (flies are fed on citrus fruit waste from AMT Fresh and
Tesco) to make an organic seed coating which protects seeds and enhances germination.

Cambond and Agrigrub were introduced by Dr Lydia Smith from Agri-Tech Innovation Hub who
commented ‘ this is great news, two innovative companies catalysed by interacting at the Hub
produce a new idea with great potential’.

Frasscoat is destined to be the next Cambond spin an example of the ‘Cambond Village concept
championed by Prof. Xiaobin Zhao, CEO of Cambond. Prof. Zhao noted ‘Cambond technology is
really a circular economy platform. We can take materials of little value and up-cycle them into
innovative products’.

Dr. Gareth Roberts from Cambond added ‘Frasscoat could be the first organically certified seed
coating technology. A great circular economy story but importantly cost effective AND

Resins are critically important chemicals in many manufacturing industries. However, their oil-based
and energy intensive manufacture requirements mean products containing resins have a large
carbon footprint.

Cambond has invented a plant-based resin system using by-products from the world’s oldest
industry – brewing.

Frass is the waste from industrial production of black soldier flies as food for exotic pets or people
with exotic diets! There is a scientific literature about its ability to discourage insect pest and act as
a signal to plants to turn on their own insect defence mechanisms. Agrigrub has pioneered the use
of waste citrus (notoriously difficult to dispose of) from Tesco and other supermarkets as food to
grow black soldier fly. They turn waste into a valuable product.

Cambond Ltd – Prof. Xiaobin Zhao and
Dr. Gareth Roberts 07779257636
Agrigrub Joe Halstead, Managing Director,
NIAB Innovation Hub Dr Lydia Smith;   Head of Innovation Farm | & Innovation Hub

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